The spirit of " To have the temperature to produce meaningful information; We need data and insights to improve time granularity. Be poetic and do what you like and what is right; Also want to have a distance, to achieve sustainable win-win " management culture and talent concept, LTS Innovate will provide all employees with new thinking in the new era with very competitive salary, perfect training and welfare system, interesting and meaningful working atmosphere, and unlimited career development space.

Our global B2B high level conference covers various fields and industries. Our clients are senior management from all over the world, which will help you improve your international high-end vision and feel the diversified working atmosphere.

Anyone who has the ability to join LTS Innovate will look at their ability rather than their seniority, and their investment will be proportional to their income. We offer a multi-directional career development path, expert route or management route or customized route. In our career environment of encouraging innovation, we will build a professional platform for you to show your ability. It's up to you to create a great career.

n an industry full of opportunities and challenges, which constantly needs precipitation and changes, LTS Innovate is eagerly looking forward to working with like-minded talents, adhering to the principle of "first to be independent, then to benefit the world", and making a contribution to the development of the enterprise, the society, the country and the human being together.

Job Vacancy:

International Sales


Conference Producer